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Revenge of The Sith

Clone Trooper (Attack of the Clones/Phase I Armor)

Star Wars Vintage Collection

Height: 10cm to top of head.

Articulation: 26 points overall - ball-joint neck; 6 points each arm: universal joint shoulders, elbows, and wrists; swivel waist; 6 points each leg: universal joint hips, knees, and ankles.

Colors: Molded white, fleshtone, and black. Painted black and white(eyes).

Accessories: DC-15S Blaster, DC-15A Blaster Rifle.

Release Data: Released in 2010 at an MSRP of $7.99.

Author: RAC



...well, this feels oddly familiar. Except this is not Clone Roundup anymore; we're looking at an entirely new mold, finally, with the same kinds of upgrades last week's Luke figure had. Also, it's the Phase I Clone from Attack of the Clones and this is the first of those I've actually gotten. So he's fairly unique looking amongst my Clone Army.


The Figure

It's the slightest bit taller than the old Clone molds, which shows mainly in longer legs and arms- which are also a bit slimmer overall. The torso is about the same when you get down to it. It's even taller when you don't push the helmet down all the way- it sits a bit too low at times and covers the black part of the neck completely, which it shouldn't. But, every aspect of the sculpt differs in details to the old Clones, and I'm not sure which is really more accurate.

The helmet is the AOTC "Fett + Stormtrooper = Clone" styling, with the swoopy Buck Rogers-ish fin on top. The helmet's removable, which is why it can sit too low so easily. If the clone's hair was as poufy as Bodie Taylor's(that being the actor who played the Clones), the helmet would probably fit right. Otherwise, it's a decent likeness, though it might skew older and thus more towards Temuera Morrison.

The neck's ball-joint has a decent amount of tilt, but the play on the loose-fitting helmet amplifies that nicely. As with Delta Squad, the idea seems to be that the shoulder armor slides up into the torso when you raise the arms. If you try to raise them straight out they tend to catch, but if you turn them, raise them, and then turn them back, it works much better. Swivel is no problem at all. The elbows bend fairly well, getting just slightly more than 90 degrees' range. The swivel is restricted to the human range of effective motion by the sculpt of the elbow pads- nothing to lose sleep over. And the wrists are universal joints now too: one moves the wrist inwards, the other moves it up and down. They do help a bit with natural-looking holding of blasters.

The torso joint is set a little farther down, and might not have as much range as the old Trooper body, but it's a much more natural looking placement. Not to mention more natural looking movement, as this one bends farther forward and doesn't move back so far the spine looks a bit dislocated. The hips are of the same style as Luke's, the angled universal joint that seems to work pretty nicely except for putting the seam of the thigh armor on the side of the leg. I like this joint. It lets the leg move higher even without counting the lateral movement it's set up for. The knees are good as well, bending roughly as far as the elbows do. And the ankles can lean very far forward or back. It's the most poseable Clone I've yet gotten, and I'm pleased with this. The only not-great thing? The ankles are so thin you can sort of make out a bulge where the peg for the foot is secured.




A new mold, it's markedly smaller than the previous version. And I don't want to say it's more detailed, but the details are all a bit different in terms of placement and deco. Because it's smaller, the new wrists help a great deal in getting a two-handed grip on it. The handgrip fits in the hands nice and snugly, and it's not too difficult for the Clone to get a grip on the underside of the barrel.

-Blaster Rifle

It's also a new mold, much longer and thinner than the old version. The thinness can be problematic as it likes to bend. Also, the handgrip is tiny. Still usable, but frustratingly small. It has silver details not painted on any of my previous Rifles, but not the brown stock of some Episode 3 Clones' weapons.


Closing Remarks

While the slight height increase and proportional changes might bug you mixing these figures with your older, more homogeneous Clones, the results can't be argued with. The articulation is great, the figure looks good... this is the definitive AOTC Clone figure as far as I'm concerned. It's Excellent.