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The Method To Our Madness

Our system gives us a range of seven different ratings, each expressing a set idea that we have both agreed upon. Each item reviewed is judged, in no particular order, on factors of sculpt, articulation and usefulness thereof, quality of paint work, accessories, gimmicks, and value for your dollar. These won't all be applicable in every case, and of course these are not absolutes. Each judgement is based on our perceptions and opinions, and your results may well vary. We don't intend our reviews or the ratings within them to be the be-all and end-all, but simply a guide to help you make an informed decision.

That said, our rating scale is as follows:

State Of The Art - The new standard. Everything that comes after should take advantage of the advances made in this toy. Very likely to be the best of the best of its time. Example: EMIA Hyaku Shiki

Excellent - Utilization and execution of features near or equal to the State Of The Art. Also can include exceptional works of sculpting, paint, gimmicks, articulation, or any combination of the above to make it stand out from the rest. Example: Transmetal Optimus Primal

Very Good - Better than usual, but not extraordinary. May include the same qualifications as an Excellent toy, but be weighed down by some small flaws which take away from its excellence. Example: Microman Godzilla

Good - Acceptable, but not particularly special. There's not necessarily anything wrong with the figure, but it may not have any stand-out qualities. This may also apply to a figure that would fall into a higher rating if not for a higher number, or more pronounced flaws. Example: Jungle Fury Tiger Ranger

Could Have Been Better - Or rather, should have been better. This would apply to a toy that clearly has good ideas and good intentions, but through either poor execution or lacking materials it all falls flat. It can also apply to an otherwise good toy with excessive quality control issues. Example: Deluxe General Greivous

Not Worth Owning - No redeeming value. A toy whose flaws are not offset by even the smallest positive factor. You should not spend money on this toy. Example: MSiA Gundam GP01

Shoot Yourself - A toy so bad that it will drive you to kill the person that made it, and then turn the weapon on yourself so you need not live with the knowledge you ever owned such a horrible little thing. Basically, it's what you give as a gift to someone you really hate. Example: Marvel Legends War Machine