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FUNCTION: Self-Aggrandizement

QUOTE: "Of course I was right."

ExVee has been reviewing toys for most of the time he's had internet access. While he's moved around a range of properties over the years, he always seems to come back to Transformers eventually. Having operated several websites on his own prior to partnering with RAC, ExVee is generally responsible for the proper functioning of all the behind-the-scenes action. ExVee likes to complain, mostly for the sake of complaining. He won't hesitate to make sure anybody knows exactly how much work he's had to put into a given project, whether to justify his involvement, or to make people feel bad, nobody really knows for sure.

ExVee's abilities include deciphering tedious web-coding languages and cursing loudly about them, finding humor in any kind of misfortune that befalls someone else, endlessly watching reruns of TV shows from at least a decade ago, and jokes about your mom.

His weaknesses are many and varied, but heck if he's going to tell you about them.

ExVee's interests are Transformers, an on-again, off-again relationship with Gundam, anime in general from before it mostly turned to crap, sci-fi, Power Rangers, and has developed a relatively recent interest in the Japanese super-sentai source material, and some similar types of programs.

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Attent ion Span
Murderous Rage



FUNCTION: Procrastination

QUOTE: "Hang on, almost done..."

RAC is almost exactly the same age as Gundam, though neither he nor Gundam would realize this until many years later. But he's on a Gundam break after maintaining his obsession for six years, a personal record for focus on anything. This is his first website as co-owner and operator, and he's in no hurry to go anywhere. Rarely ever is, in fact.

Abilities include a fascination for toy history and trivia bordering on the tedious, a fixation on articulation as the most important quality in an action figure, mild design skills, and, above all, the ability to dig giant robots. It has been rumored that he also cooks, though he himself believes that he merely applies fire to things until they are hot.

His weaknesses are an inability to keep a deadline, a tendency to have too much or too little patience for the task at hand (whichever is least convenient), and an alarmingly porous memory.

Outside of giant robots, action figures, and action figures of giant robots, RAC's other interests include superhero comics (with an emphasis on Golden and Silver Age books), video games, and animation in general- though like ExVee, there's not a lot of anime that interests him anymore.

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Impulse Control
Organization (Others)
Organization (Self)
...did I already say Forgetfulness?


ExVee and RAC can be reached by e-mail. It helps if you put a meaningful subject line, just so your message doesn't accidentally look like spam.




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